Greek Myths – Term One

In term one of year 7 students will be studying Greek Myths. During this term, students will be reading some of the most famous and influential Greek myths. By studying this, we hope that students:

  • Develop their reading and comprehension skills
  • Have opportunities to expand their vocabulary
  • Learn about some of the most famous stories and characters in the history of Literature
  • Explore how Greek myths still influence culture and English Literature today
  • Develop their analytical skills through close reading of the stories and questioning ideas around heroism, gods and monsters

Here is the ‘knowledge organiser’ for the term. It is a summary of everything we hope students ‘know’ by the time they finish this programme of study. Any quizzing, questioning students do in their own time will certainly help boost their learning in school. We hope that the knowledge organiser can help students and parents create quizzes and master the material! For more ideas for home study connected to each myth, click on the pages at the top of the menu.

Download: Greek Myths Knowledge Organiser

Download: Greek Myths: The stories


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