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English Language A Level: Reading List

I’ve created an updated reading list for the English Language A Level.

It has a list of blogs, twitter handles, with some accessible popular texts about the English Language and various language issues.

Click to download:

Year 13 Reading List


Suggested Reading for A Level Language

You can download and view the suggested reading list here:

Suggested Reading (A Level)

Outside of this reading list, there are dozens of useful and interesting resources out there. When you study English Language, the world is your oyster. Language is used to communicate, manipulate and manage the world around us in almost every conceivable way. If you see an interesting article, why not share it on this blog or in class? This might be an article about language, or any text which uses language in an interesting way. A sexist advert? A passive aggressive piece of food packaging, a bias presentation in the news: all are relevant and possible objects of study.

Here are the list of blogs which you can click and browse through: