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Romeo and Juliet: Key Quotes and Knowledge Organiser

Just a brief post to share a couple of important revision resources.

Firstly, I’ll share the knowledge organiser for Romeo and Juliet (download here). This gives you an outline of the plot, key characters, key themes and some key literary devices employed by Shakespeare

You can use this document to create flashcards and complete self-quizzes. Remember, you must have a good knowledge of the plot so you can discuss the context of quotations, character’s actions and the structure of the play.

Also, this sheet with key quotations is really useful for revision. (Key Quotes Sheet)

There are several ways you could use this to revise:

  1. Focus on one theme in Blood Brothers. Use the key quotes document to select quotations which link to this theme.
  2. Look at a past paper (there are lots here) Use the key quotes sheet to make an essay plan for this question.
  3. Create flashcards for key characters, selecting 3-4 key quotations for each character. Make sure you elaborate on each quotation, explaining why it is important.
  4. Use the sheet to make mind maps on each character.


Sign of Four Key Quotes

This is a short post sharing a really useful, important resource.

Remember, for a closed book exam, you will need to make sure you have a number of quotes at your disposal to discuss all the themes and characters in The Sign of the Four.

The document below can help you do this. It might be useful to decide a specific character or theme you would like to revise, then select quotations from the document to help make a revision resource, such as a mind-map, an essay plan or flashcards. Remember, knowing quotations is not enough on it’s own. You also need to know:

  • What the quotation is linked to. Who says it? To Who? At what part of the novel?
  • How the quotations works. What are the interesting words? What techniques (if any) is Doyle using?
  • Why Doyle has chosen the specific line. What is the wider point? What is being revealed about the significance of certain characters, themes, or ideas?

The Sign of the Four- Key Quotes A3 version

The Sign of the Four- Key Quotes A4 version


Blood Brothers Key Quotes

If you don’t have your own copy of the play, or are struggling to find key quotes online, the document below should have plenty of key quotes to get you started:

Blood Brothers High Utility Quotes

You could use this document in lots of ways. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Pick a character or theme. Make a list of 5-6 important quotes for that character or theme. Explain why they are important and analyse the language choices made by the writer.
  2. Take a past paper essay question (from here) and use the key quotes sheet to make an essay plan.
  3. Pick a key character and make a revision mind map using the key quotes provided.
  4. Create flash cards to help you learn key quotes. You should consider what the quotes mean, what language choices are present and how each quote links to wider themes of the novel.
  5. Practice writing full essays or paragraphs using these quotes as a starting point.