Prometheus and Pandora: Ideas for Home Study

You can download a copy of the story ‘Prometheus and Pandora’ here: Prometheus and Pandora

Here are a list of 10 activities to help understand and engage with this story, they get more challenging the lower down the list you go!

  1. Make a list of all the characters in the story. Explain their part in the story, writing one sentence about their part in the story.

2.  What sort of God is Zeus? Explain what things he does in the story and try to describe  what type of personality he has.

3.  Think carefully about the character Prometheus. To what extent do you think he was a heroic character? Use evidence from the story in your answer.

4.  To what extent was Pandora responsible for letting all the evils into the world? Who else might have been responsible?

5.  Read the following ext rat from the story:

“Prometheus!” he cried. “You crossed me once and I forgave you because of your loyalty to me in the war of the Titans. But this time there can be no forgiveness. This time you must pay for your crime”. And saying so, he seized Prometheus and chained him to a pillar on the freezing slopes of the mountains. As punishment, every morning a huge vulture landed on the wretched Titan’s chest and even as he screamed in rage and horror, tore out his liver and devoured it. And every night, while Prometheus shivered in sub-zero temperatures, his liver grew whole again. In this way, the horrible torture could be repeated again and again until the end of time.

Pick out 2-3 examples which describe Zeus and how he is behaving. What do these words show us about Zeus’s character?

6.   After reading this description, what impression do you, as a reader, have of Prometheus’s punishment? Use quotes from the extract in your answer.

7.   In many myths, the theme of ‘The Wrath of the Gods’ is important. Explain how this theme links to Prometheus and Pandora.

8.   What influence has this story had on modern culture? Can you research any art, poetry, or stories this myth has inspired?

9.   Creative Task: Write Pandora’s diary from the moment she marries Epimetheus to when she opens his box.

10.  Creative task: According to some legends, Hercules rescues Prometheus from his punishment. Write a first person account from the point of view of Hercules, explaining how you found Prometheus, and why you decided to take pity on him and rescue him.

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