English Literature

In English Literature, students will be tested on their knowledge of three key texts, as well as an anthology of 15 poems.

In paper one, students will answer an essay question on Romeo and Juliet and one essay question on The Sign of the Four. They will not have copies of the books in the exam, so it’s really important they have an in depth knowledge of the two texts, including being able to recall quotes from memory.

The knowledge organisers are a good place to start:

For paper two, students will answer an essay question on Blood Brothers, selecting one question from a choice of two. This paper is longer than paper one and worth 60% of the GCSE.

The poetry part of this paper includes an essay on the anthology of poems we study in school, as well as questions on two ‘unseen’ poems. As with the the other texts, students must be able to talk about each poem from memory, so an in depth knowledge of all 15 poems is essential.

For a detailed breakdown of the two papers, have a look at this document here:



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