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Great Books for all Teenage Readers

One of the best activities any student can do to boost their vocabulary, comprehension and literacy is to read books regularly. Even spending 20 minutes or so every evening can have a huge impact over a longer period of time. If you are stuck for ideas to help your son or daughter with their English, then reading is an excellent place to start

We are lucky at BBA to have an excellent library, with many excellent titles. Below is an extra reading list, many of which can be found in the library. The books are organised to go with topics that students study during years 7-9 at different parts of the year, but that doesn’t mean that a ‘year 7’ book can’t be read and enjoyed by anyone. So long as students are reading, the English Department are happy!

Reading List:

Downloadable Copy: Reading List

Other places for inspiration:

A list of 100 great books ages 12-14 from the Book Trust:

A top 20 list from the Independent of books to read before you leave Secondary School:

Another ‘top 100’ list, this time aimed at teenagers from The Times: