Analysing Spoken Language

This week we spent some time recapping some of the features of Spoken language. This document here has a handy table summarising these features:

Terms for Spoken Language

We then spent some time annotating an example of a spoken language looking for any of these features and what they might tell us in the context of this conversation. After annotating, we grouped out ideas together on this document: Spoken Language Framework

To help us develop our critical awareness of theories around language and gender, we also thought about Robin Lakoff’s Man Made Language and whether any of these features link to the transcript we read and the way the two couples interacted.

When writing an essay, you should try to follow a very similar approach to when you write about normal written texts. The main difference might be that you spend slightly less time talking about lexical and grammatical choices, and more time discussing fillers, tag questions and other features of spoken language

If you need any advice / guidance for how to write up your ideas, have a look at this slide show. In particular, slide 4 and 5 have a suggested structure for your paragraphs.