Unseen Poetry Practise

The first question of your poetry exam will test your ability to write an extended essay about a poem that you’ve never read before. Below, you’ll find some examples for you to practise with.

You could practise:

  • Reading the poems and summing up the main messages.
  • Using this document to practise essay planning
  • Answer the questions in timed conditions (around 45-50 minutes) before giving the essay to your teacher. You should aim to write a short introduction and 4 main paragraphs.

Here are five examples of previous poems used in the exam. If you want to practise any other examples, look for poems in the green anthology marked with an asterix (*). These are all suitable poems to practise writing unseen essays.

  1. Unseen Poetry Past Paper1
  2. Unseen Poetry Past Paper2
  3. Unseen Poetry Past Paper3
  4. Unseen Poetry Past Paper4
  5. Unseen Poetry Past Paper5

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